Hello, my name is Eline Janse.


I'm Dutch and born in 1958. 

I've made my first steps on the field of handcrafts when I was 25 years old.

Years I searched for a suitable hobby. It was much more difficult than I expected. 


I've tried many different types of handcrafs before I realised  variation was the thing I was looking for.

 Just for fun I started making a little winterhouse, because I love wintertime and the

atmosphere of Christmas.


After a few months this house wasn't as lovely anymore as when I made it.

At that time my husband suggested to change it into a summerhouse.

So I did and to my surprise I realised this was the hobby I was looking for all these years.

The versatility of working with many different materials gave me much satisfaction.

I also liked the search to gets things in the right dimension and to synchronize them.


In 1993 I saw a magazine about miniatures and dollhouses.

This speeded things up, because dollhouses and all things around these houses could satisfy my needs.


So I specialized myself in making dollhouse rooms and boxes.

I enjoy making a boutique and the next time a garage.

Always I try to make as much as I can by my own hands and the years of searching and trying

different hobbies proved to be very handy.


Throughout the years my speciality is making little furniture 1:12 in replica.

When I see a nice piece of furniture in a antiek shop, I make a worktemplate and start working.

Every time it's a chalange to make an exact copy of the real furniture.


This hobby resultated in publiching in magasines and exhibitor on Dollhouse exchange

and workshops.

Who could think that years ago.